Kids Friendly

Axioma is a superyacht with child- friendly cabins, very warm and welcoming crew that loves kids. It is a dream to come true for the most kids. It is an ultimate playground and a great entertainment centre with the latest on-board amenities and shoreside adventures.

There are growing number of options that welcome families with kids onboard. It is equipped with updated film libraries and board video games, 3D cinema.

Our kid’s entertainer, who plans a wide range of educational activities and games for the kids, makes them to feel special with fun games, theme parties, special kids’ events, and parties.

Our chefs create kid-friendly dishes for those with fussy appetites and invites kids to assist with cookie making or setting up food presentations for the ones wishing to lend a helping hand.

Our theme dinners ideas give the kids fun opportunities to get them involved in cooking. The kid`s dinner party theme is filled with ideas and recipes that will fill up with their cooking memories.